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The Command Center You Didn't Know You Needed

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

When I hear the term 'command center' I immediately think of some type of ship. At the helm sits the captain, leading their crew. In order for the ship to run smoothly, the crew knows where they should be. Order is maintained and everyone has their specific role in the running of the vessel. Communication is key and the ship must be organized in order to reach it's final destination. A household is no different.

Chances are if you have multiple working parents with children, you already have a type of 'command center' somewhere in your home. Perhaps it could use some tweaking to make it more functional. If you don't have a command center, you'll probably have one after you read this article. Here are some tips when setting up your household command center.


The command center should always be located where people will see it. I usually recommend the kitchen because it is where you generally spend the majority of your time at home. My second go-to spot is the entryway or mudroom where you and your family will see it as they first enter the home.


A command center wont do much good without the right organizational tools. I recommend always having the following items in your command center:

  • Calendar

  • Mail Storage

  • Message Board

A charging station and key hooks are great ways to keep your command center active even if slightly tucked away. I also like having a magnet board or cork board to pin important notices that come home from school.


This works both ways. Make sure to keep your command center up to date with future events and remove outdated information. This will help keep the command center accurate and organized.

HOUZZ has some excellent options for message centers at affordable prices that add organization and style to any household command center.


Fill the monthly calendar with the family events and appointments regularly. Keep office supplies required to keep the command center running nearby.

  • letter opener

  • push pins

  • dry erase markers

  • pens

  • pencils

  • etc.

Other Tips Include:

  • Sort bills to keep mail under control and finances in order.

  • Make a weekly meal plan to help organize grocery shopping so you no longer have to hear "whats for dinner" or run to the store for last minute items.

  • Keep keys hanging on hooks or in a bowl with the command center so you don't have to look for them as you're trying to leave.

  • Keep a charging station nearby, especially with teens. It's a great way to have them leave their phones charging at the command center at bedtime or during family meals.

  • Have a space for wallets and loose change.

  • Lastly, my favorite, have a spot for coupons!

Overall, your command center should help reduce stress while saving both time and money. Functional efficiency and communication is key in any household, and a command center can help. I recommend (especially as your kids get older) also having everything in a shared mobile calendar. iCal is a great tool for making sure everyone has access to the same calendar and information at their fingertips.

Keep your ship running smoothly with a household command center.

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