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Functional Organization and What it Really Means

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

It's so often that I hear of people organizing in ways that simply make the space look good but don't function all that well. Playrooms with clear jars displaying colorful crayons. Linen closets with towels color coded. But what happens a few weeks later if you were to revisit the same space? Shattered glass jars and towels disheveled and impossible to keep in those orderly stacks. What was the practicality of the organization previously done? Was it really thought through?

Here are some tips to help apply function when organizing.

  • When organizing your kitchen, put the things you use less often up higher. Try putting kids cups and plates in a lower cabinet that they can reach themselves and the rice cooker you use once a year up top. This will help maximize storage and make everything function better.

  • When organizing your linen closet, stack towels by personal preference. In my house, my husband likes the thinner (scratchier in my opinion) towels, while I prefer the more plush towels. Instead of one person having to dig to the bottom of the pile knocking them all over, separate the stacks and take from the top. This will help KEEP it organized as well.

  • When organizing closets, PURGE. I know you've heard it before but stop holding on to clothes you don't wear. Be honest with yourself. If you aren't ready to let go or are still limited on space, sort by season. Store the labeled seasonal boxes somewhere accessible but slightly out of reach. Keep current seasonal items where you can easily grab them. Either keep your shoes in the original boxes or buy a clear bin so they can be stacked and you can see which pairs you are grabbing.

A professional organization consultant will make your home function at the next level through a more personalized approach when tackling the organization in your home. For more tips like this, visit Home Made POSSible and book your free consultation today.

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