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DIY Shiplap for Under $100

Have a blank wall in your home that you would love to add some texture and design to? Do you love the look of shiplap and wish you could have that in your home? Well, feel like Joanna Gaines with me and create your own shiplap wall for less than $100! Read about our experience and download our FREE step by step instructions to get this look in your home.


A few weeks ago I shared a time-lapse video of my husband and I installing a shiplap wall in our kitchen. I stared at this blank expanse of wall in my kitchen for over a year, adding pictures and seasonal decor to try and bring it to life but nothing worked! Finally, I got the inspiration to add shiplap from an episode of ‘Fixer Upper’ on HGTV.

After pricing some pre-cut shiplap options, I was shocked at how expensive it was. Sadly, my home was built in the 70’s and I knew there was no existing shiplap hiding behind my dull drywall. So I started to think, why do I have to buy pre-made planks? I began to research and found that we could make our own planks to get that shiplap look we wanted in just a few simple steps for a fraction of the cost.


Once I had all of the information and a plan, I was ready for the hardest part. Convincing my husband this was a good idea (Am I right ladies?). Thank goodness he agreed because I have no idea how to use a saw and will need all 10 of my fingers to complete future DIY projects.

We visited Lowes, where we purchased five $14 sheets of plywood and they cut them down for us for FREE into planks! We used a thin enough plywood that we didn't have to remove baseboards or move outlets. We attached them to the wall and painted. It was that simple.

Now there were a few tricks I learned along the way:

  • If your existing wall color is dark, I would recommend priming before hanging the planks.

  • The saw that Lowes uses to 'rip' the boards down into planks is not a finishing saw. Be prepared to sand each board.

  • Purchase an extra sheet of plywood so you can be selective with your planks. Since the saw is not a finishing saw, some of the boards may not be entirely straight.

  • Start from the top. A smaller plank is less noticeable at the base of the wall.

  • Don't have nickels? Use jumbo Popsicle sticks!

The rest of my tips can be found in the instructions which are available for free to download.



I absolutely love the way it turned out and have created step by step instructions you can download for FREE. The 'shiplap' completely transformed the space and made the kitchen my favorite room in the house making me wish we had done this MUCH sooner. It's safe to day, I have the DIY bug and can't wait to tackle other spaces in my house!

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